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Your Full-Service Technology Partner.

Our Services

Real-Time Technical Support

Contact us any time, for help with your computers, phones, tablets, wi-fi, email, and more. Our technicians can remotely connect to your computer or network to resolve your technical issues in real-time, as they happen. Your team's productivity is our #1 priority; We'll get them back to work in no time. 

IT Strategy, Roadmap, and Budgeting

Frequent technology reviews to align your business with industry best practices that we have been studying and developing for over a decade. Our technicians will analyze every piece of IT in your business to reveal security risks, opportunities to increase productivity, and more. Your account manager will have regularly scheduled meetings with you to review misalignments, recommend improvements, review upcoming projects, create roadmaps, and fit them to your budget.

Advanced Cyber-Security

Raxxos is Cyber Verify A certified by MSP Alliance. Cyber Verify was designed to provide consumers with greater transparency and assurance when it comes to the cyber security practices of providers they use. 


We provide monitoring, enterprise grade antivirus, firewalls, ransomware protection, and more. We have a dedicated engineer who oversees all of our security offerings. Every piece of technology we install, we always do so with a security-first mindset. 

Project Services

Our services don't end with our day-to-day technical support. Raxxos can help you with all your IT needs, such as deploying computers, migrating servers, assessing and deploying new applications, department moves, renovations, and acquisitions. Use our project team to help you achieve your business outcomes faster.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Hiring an employee and starting a new job are stressful enough, so let us ensure the IT portion goes smoothly. When you hire a new employee, let us know and we will deploy their computer, email, phone, and applications ahead of time so they are ready to work on day 1. 

When you offboard an employee, it's crucial to remove access from all apps and files immediately. Our systematic approach ensures access is removed quickly and no apps are forgotten. 


Raxxos offers a variety of backup solutions to cover all types of devices, budgets, and risk-levels. Down-time can be expensive, especially if it is on a device that provides crucial files and services to your entire company.

We test our client's backups on a regular schedule, so we know that when it comes time to recover files in a disaster, it's going to work. It's kind of like a school fire drill.


Here are some examples of backup scenarios:

  • If you have a server in your office, it is standard practice to have a backup appliance that does a local backup and a cloud backup. The local backup will provide quick recovery in case there is a server failure but the backup appliance is fine. The cloud backup provides an extra layer in case of a disaster such as a server room flood where the server and backup appliance are destroyed.

  • With Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, most people think they are 100% covered because it is in the cloud. However, there is always a risk of data loss and disaster, even with the best cloud providers. So, with these type of cloud services, it is a best practice to have a "Cloud to Cloud" backup, in case one of these providers goes down or loses data. 

  • Have you ever lost your laptop, accidentally ran over it (true story), or had it stolen? We can provide workstation backups that ensure if anything happens to your laptop or PC that there is always a live backup of all your files in the cloud. Recovery is as easy as grabbing a new laptop and hitting "Download".

Microsoft 365

Raxxos is a Microsoft Certified Partner and we put emphasis on Microsoft certifications for our team's continuing education. 

Microsoft 365 is a collection of team productivity and collaboration software that is the backbone of many modern businesses today. It is hosted in the cloud which makes it perfect for today's mobile and work-from-home workforce.

We are experienced with migrating companies onto Microsoft 365. We work hard to make the experience seamless. An example of how we can do this is by doing a "hybrid deployment". This means your current server keeps running, we connect it to 365, and move the data one user or one department at a time. This process can be stretched out over multiple days or weeks to allow for issues to be resolved and to train your users in smaller groups.

VoIP Phone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a cloud-based phone system that allows you to make phone calls at any time, from any place using a computer with a headset, your mobile device with an app, or a traditional desk phone and a VoIP service.

VoIP phone systems is the service that we started our business on nearly 15 years ago. We have installed, managed, and maintained many on-premise and cloud VoIP systems. 

VoIP is a must-have for any business today with remote workers. It lets your employees use your company phone system from anywhere, on any device, whether their phone, laptop, or tablet.

We can manage and maintain your current VoIP system, or install our own best-in-class VoIP phone system.

Computer Equipment Procurement

Raxxos simplifies equipment procurement for your business. Whether you need computers, laptops, printers, phones, or network equipment, we have the expertise and connections to procure your equipment reliably and efficiently.

We leverage our long-standing vendor relationships to get you the best deals on the best equipment. For large orders, we often get volume discounts, especially if we can bulk buy across multiple clients. We handle all ordering, setup, and delivery of new equipment. If you have issues, we handle all warranty claims, RMAs, and replacements. 

Conference Room Equipment

Conference rooms are an important component of the collaborative workspace. With the increase in telecommunications and remote work in the past 2 years, conference rooms are a hub to connect people in the office to remote employees and other businesses.


Conference room equipment can be a huge pain. The correct equipment, set up right, can make or break the experience. When you have an important meeting, you want to be able to join in effortlessly with a reliable system that works every time with crystal clear audio quality.


Raxxos can evaluate your conference room and custom-tailor a solution specific for your needs and budget. This can include TVs, projectors, webcams, microphones, and computers or tablets to manage and join meetings.

We Integrate With Your Business

Raxxos Technology Inc. aims to become an extension of your business. We integrate our team with yours to give you an exceptional IT partnership experience. 

With Raxxos, you get unparalleled passion combined with world-class expertise.

Home Office and Work-From-Home Solutions

25% to 30% of workers will be remote by the end of 2021.

To work productively from home, you need the right equipment: Laptop, headset, monitors, dock, and an ergonomic chair and desk. Let us make recommendations for you to purchase, or let us handle everything and we will procure and set up the perfect home office setup for your employees.

Working from home introduces new security risks that many businesses weren't prepared for during 2020. Now, it's not just the office network that needs to be secure, but your employee's home networks too. And, considerations need to be made when they are working from other locations, such as a coffee shop or co-working space.

Raxxos can assist your employees with securing their home networks and securely connecting to your company's apps and files from anywhere, so you can be confident your business is secure, no matter where they work.

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